North Korea's Surreal Ski Resort

North Korea's Surreal Ski Resort

Masik Ryong is North Korea’s new ski resort in Wonsan. It is part of Kim Jong-un’s plan to make Wonsan “a tourist destination.”

According to The Guardian,  the ski resort “seems fairly well built” and “very much like a Chinese/European ski chalet.”

It has “two main buildings, one with quite fancy, quality hotel rooms, a very nice pool and sauna, a communication room with internet for $6 an hour, and a 9th floor bar with a lovely view.”

The resort also has an area for “work-teams” and “youth groups” who are expected to vacation there.

The Guardian reported that food prices at the resort were random–fruit juice for $2, pork ribs for $1.50, Tempura for 70 cents–and the cost of ski clothing was equally out of sync with market prices.

Construction of the resort was completed in mid-January, so the coming ski season will be Masik Ryong’s first full season.

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