World View: Washington Seeks to Protect Jordan and Israel from Syrian Militants

World View: Washington Seeks to Protect Jordan and Israel from Syrian Militants

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  • Washington seeks to protect Jordan and Israel from Syria militants
  • Britain’s anti-European Union party appears headed for European Parliament

Washington seeks to protect Jordan and Israel from Syria militants

Leaders in the US, Jordan, and Israel are becoming increasinglyconcerned about the threats to Israel and Jordan from the al-Qaedalinked Jabhat al-Nusra (the Islamic Front) group, which nowcontrols much of Syria’s southern border. According to an Israeliassessment, the insurgents have the upper hand in the Syrian Golan andare close to occupying the key town of Quneitra, which has a bordercrossing to Israel. 

Al-Assad’s military has suffered some seriousdefeats in the Golan Heights in the last couple of months, causingIsrael to bolster its military forces in the Golan on the Syrianborder to confront the al-Nusra forces. The al-Assad regime is alsoalarmed, as Quneitra is close to Damascus and could serve as alaunching pad for an al-Nusra attack on Damascus. 

Debka’s subscriber-only newsletter (sent to me by a subscriber) saysthat the U.S. military may get back into the Mideast. According toDebka, the U.S. administration is supplying some rebel groups insouthern Syria with arms, intelligence, and funding. Israeli andJordanian military intelligence experts are helping the CIA weed outal-Qaeda fighters from the US-backed rebel forces and make sure theydo not get hold of the heavy weaponry, such as anti-aircraftmissiles, that could be turned against Israel and Jordan. 

Most observers now believe that the al-Assad regime is fullyentrenched, and not going anywhere. According to the Debka report,the Obama administration’s objective is to minimize the threat posedto Israel and Jordan by the Syrian Army and its allies, Iran’sRevolutionary Guards, the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi Shiitemilitias. Also, the US military would establish a foothold on theDamascus periphery and would seek to challenge Russia and Iran byestablishing ties with high-ranking Syrian general command officersand the field commanders of units deployed in and around Damascus. 

According to Debka’s intelligence sources, this strategy was fiercelyopposed by Joint Chiefs chairman Martin E. Dempsey, who opposes newmilitary operations during the Afghanistan withdrawal and who fearsthat it would bring the U.S. face-to-face with the IranianRevolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, and even Russian servicemen postedfrom Moscow. However, the Obama administration was convinced byJordanian and Israeli officials, who argued that this was Washington’slast chance to force the Syrian army and its Iranian allies to stayaway from their borders, while at the same time planting a strong USpresence in position for determining the future course of events inDamascus. Reuters and Al-Monitor and Debka (Subscription)

Britain’s anti-European Union party appears headed for European Parliament

UK Independence Party (UKIP) surged in local elections on Thursday,leading many to believe that Sunday will mark its biggest electoraltriumph to date when the results of elections to the EuropeanParliament are announced. UKIP leader Nigel Farage bragged, “This isa massive leap forward in the battle to break into Westminsterconstituencies in numbers in the general election next year.” 

According to the UKIP web site, “UKIP is a patriotic party thatbelieves in putting Britain first… The EU controls Immigration,Business and Employment, Financial Services, Fishing, Farming, Energyand Trade. It seeks now to control Law and Order, Foreign Affairs andTax. Only outside the EU can we start to solve the problems ourcountry faces.” The party platform includes: 

  • A vote for UKIP is a vote to leave the EU and recover power over our national life.
  • Regain control of our borders and of immigration – only possible by leaving the EU.
  • Proof of private health insurance must be a precondition for immigrants and tourists to enter the UK.

Farage and the party have been accused of being “racist, sexist andhomophobic,” but according to Farage this name-calling backfired onelection day. France 24 and UKIP Web Site

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