Columnist: Israel's Iron Dome Provides Unfair Advantage Against Hamas

Columnist: Israel's Iron Dome Provides Unfair Advantage Against Hamas

Israel’s Iron Dome has a “90 percent… success rate” and Bloomberg Businessweek’s Peter Coy claims that makes the Israelis “look worse in the eyes of the world.”

In other words, Israel has an unfair advantage in being able to defend itself.

According to Coy, the “astonishingly effective Iron Dome air defense” has allowed life in Israel continue unabated even under rocket attack:

Israel hardly feels like a place under assault from close range. Bars, restaurants, and the Mediterranean beaches are still busy. Although traffic is lighter than normal, the roads are hardly abandoned. Incoming rockets that would ordinarily wreak havoc are being blown up in the air, causing nothing but a boom, a puff of white smoke, and falling debris.

On the other hand, Coy points out that “the health ministry in Gaza on Friday reported that Israeli airstrikes against targets in Gaza had killed more than a 100 Palestinians, with more than 500 injured.” Yet, as of July 11, just one Israeli had been killed in the recent Hamas attacks, and that was an elderly woman who had a heart attack seeking shelter as warning sirens wailed.

Israel has an incredible ability to defend itself, but Coy says the core of this defense–Iron Dome–can be beat if one of Israel’s enemies get “cruise missiles that can twist and turn in flight to evade interceptors.” He says Israel’s defenses could also be beaten by “a simultaneous launch of so many rockets that Iron Dome can’t shoot all of them down.”

Until then, the argument seems to be that Israel will keep defending itself and the world will think worse of it for doing so.

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