Source: U.S. General Was Shot in the Back Four Times by Afghan Soldier

Source: U.S. General Was Shot in the Back Four Times by Afghan Soldier

An Afghan military official says the gunman who killed U.S. Major General Harold Greene on August 5th was an Afghan soldier and that he shot Greene once in the leg and four times in the back.

Greene was visiting Marshal Fahim National Defense University when the gunman allegedly “opened fire from a bathroom window in a nearby building.”

According to NBC News, the gunman “was identified as 27-year-old Mohammad Rafiqullah.”

“A senior Afghan official” said Rafiqullah had been in “the Afghan army two years and was assigned to the military police.” The official also said “[Rafiqullah] had never shown any suspicious intentions before.”

NBC reports roughly 20 other officers – American, British, German, and Afghan – were injured in the attack before International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) members shot the gunman, killing him “instantly.”

On August 6 Breitbart News reported that Greene’s assassination marked the first targeted killing of an American general since U.S. General Edward Canby was assassinated in 1873.

According to The Wall Street Journal, ISAF declines to comment on whether security measures have been or will be increased following Greene’s death. A “senior Afghan security official” has expressed concern that security will be tightened, “making it harder for Afghans to work with their foreign counterparts.”

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