#AMessagefromISIStoUS: ISIS Fuels Hatred for America on Twitter [Graphic Images]

#AMessagefromISIStoUS: ISIS Fuels Hatred for America on Twitter [Graphic Images]

Fighters and supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) have taken to Twitter hellbent on letting the world know of their deep disdain for America with gruesome, bloody images of the carnage they have wrought on non-Muslims via #AmessagefromISIStoUS.

ISIS supporters from all over the world, many presumed to be operating from within the United States, have been posting messages of hate. Below is a compilation of some of those threats to America.

[The imagery that follows is deeply graphic.]

One Twitter user with over 187,000 followers posted a death threat to President Barack Obama. In the tweet are the images of an impaled, decapitated head and next to it a man moments before having his head severed by ISIS with a machete:

Another warns the U.S. Army of the dangers that await them:

One user presents chilling pictures of the destruction following the aftermath of the terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers on 9/11, foreshadowing a warning of what the Islamic State will seek to again do to America if ISIS in Iraq gets bombed:

ISIS and Islamic Jihadists have time and again stated explicitly that they hold zero value for human life. In fact, in solemn testimony, they seek death:

The following graphic tweet is from an individual who is presumed to be an ISIS militant:

A recent Facebook post shows the graphic image of a little Christian girl’s beheaded body being held up by a man who discovered the atrocity (this photo, however, originates from the Syrian civil war at least as long ago as 2013). 

The Islamic State (ISIS) has been conducting the systemic slaughter of adults and children alike based solely on their religious beliefs.


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