Full-Page Ads Denouncing Head of UN Gaza Probe to Run in NYT, WSJ, WaPo, Guardian

Full-Page Ads Denouncing Head of UN Gaza Probe to Run in NYT, WSJ, WaPo, Guardian

JERUSALEM — This World: The Values Network, an organization headed by author and occasional Breitbart News contributor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, announced Thursday that it will run full-page advertisements in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and multiple online media outlets denouncing the recent appointment of William Schabas to head the UNHRC commission on human rights violations during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Schabas has made several well documented anti-Israel statements over the past few years, at one point saying his “favorite would be Netanyahu in the dock of the international criminal court.”

“The days are over when hypocritical and fraudulent human rights activists can impugn Israel at will,” Boteach told Breitbart News in a phone interview Thursday night. “There must be an end to the days where Israel is a punching bag, everyone’s doormat.”

In a statement announcing the advertising buys, This World echoed the Israel Prime Minister’s Office, who recently called the UNHRC human rights probe a “kangaroo court.”

“The UN Gaza commission is a kangaroo court with the sole purpose of demonizing Israel,” the statement read. “Schabas frequently says ‘Israel gets off light’ at the UN and claims that Hamas – the genocidal, anti-Semitic tyrant of Gaza, which uses Palestinian children as human shields – is not a terrorist organization at all.”

“We’re telling Schabas: ‘your record is open to scrutiny,'” Boteach said. “You think Israel’s record is open to scrutiny? Your record on human rights is appalling. You are an apologist for evil. Anyone who is an apologist of [former Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, who aspired to be the Hitler of his time, is an affront to human rights. It’s not that Schabas is unqualified to be on a panel investigating Israel; he is not qualified to be on any human rights commission.”

Boteach said the new commission’s findings would likely mimic those of the infamous Goldstone Report in 2009, a report that was riddled with anti-Israel bias and eventually recanted by the report’s own chief author, Richard Goldstone.

“Who the heck is the U.N., who has done nothing to stop ISIS, nothing to stop the crises in Libya and Syria, nothing to stop Gaddaffi from murdering his own people?” he continued. “What the U.N. wants to do is to create Goldstone 2. We cannot be idle. Israel is always on the defensive. We need to be proactive now so that these lies do not metastasize.”