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Sec. Kerry Asks Authorities To Show 'Restraint' As China Labels Hong Kong Protests 'Illegal'

Sec. Kerry Asks Authorities To Show 'Restraint' As China Labels Hong Kong Protests 'Illegal'

Secretary of State John Kerry is asking authorities in Hong Kong to show “restraint” as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warns that the protests are “illegal” and says, “All countries should show respect for China’s sovereignty.”

According to BBC News, Wang was critical of the protests but stressed that they would be handled internally. He said: “Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs. …For any country, for any society, no one will allow those illegal acts that violate public order.”

Wang also said he believes Hong Kong already has a mechanism in place to deal with the protesters.

Secretary Kerry responded to Wang’s statements by asking Hong Kong authorities to show “restraint” in dealing with the protesters. He said he hopes authorities will show “respect for the protesters’ right to express their views peacefully.”

BBC says the protests are the result of election laws that “make it virtually impossible for anybody not trusted by the Chinese government” to “run for the position of chief executive…[of] Hong Kong.” The protesters claim this situation demonstrates Beijing’s failure to keep its “vows to give the Hong People genuine democracy.”

On September 30, Reuters reported China may be hacking iPhones related to Hong Kong “pro-democracy protesters.” 

Lacoom Mobile Research discovered “Xsser,” a “malicious software” with a server code “written in Chinese” while examining other software used to target the Google Inc Android operating software used by some Hong Kong protesters. Xsser spies on “Apple Inc’s iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad.” 

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