Reports: Infant Murdered by Hamas Militant in Israel was an American

Reports: Infant Murdered by Hamas Militant in Israel was an American

U.S. officials confirm that three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun, who was murdered on Wednesday during a vehicular terrorist attack in Jerusalem, was an American.

According to a report by the Jerusalem Post: “The girl was thrown from her stroller as a car swerved into the Ammunition Hill light rail station, injuring seven others.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki released a statement. “We express our deepest condolences to the family of the baby, reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack, and extend our prayers for a full recovery to those injured. We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.”

The Times of Israel is reporting, “The suspect, [Abed Abdelrahman Shaludeh] identified by an Israeli official as a member of terror group Hamas,” died early Thursday morning from his injuries. Shaludeh was a Palestinian from Silwan in east Jerusalem.

Hamas spokesman Hossam Badran praised the incident stating, “This is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation and invasion of our land by the Jews.

The American infant died of intracranial bleeding inflicted by the driver ramming a group of pedestrians, striking the baby’s stroller and sending her flying 10 to 20 meters and landing headfirst, according to Israel media reports.

Braun’s grandfather, Shimshon Halperin, described her as “a pure girl with a holy soul, who never did anything bad to anyone in her life and was murdered for no reason.”

Hours before her death, the baby girl visited the Western Wall, one of Judaism’s holiest sites, with her family. She was laid to rest Wednesday evening.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “This is how [PA President Abbas’] partners in government act, the same Abbas who just a few days ago incited attacks on Jews in Jerusalem.” 

Photo Credit: Twitter/Israel News Feed


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