Mystery Surrounds Identity & Livelihood of Kurdish Heroine Warrior Who Neutralized 100+ Islamic State Fighters

Mystery Surrounds Identity & Livelihood of Kurdish Heroine Warrior Who Neutralized 100+ Islamic State Fighters

The legend of Rehana continues. Rehana, the Kurdish fighter who some claim has killed 100 Islamic State (IS) militants, is reportedly still alive and well in southern Turkey, according to some reports. 

IS-affiliated entities on social media claimed that the Islamic State had taken Rehana’s life this week.

She became an overnight sensation after a photo of her appeared on Twitter making a peace sign while in army fatigues and holding her AK-47 rifle. She is said to be a fighter with the Kurdish YPJ, also known as the Women’s Defense Unit.

A senior Kurdish military source told Breitbart News that Rehana is sadly deceased, but she did not kill 100+ Islamic State jihadists. Another Kurdish female commander is the true heroine warrior. Her name is Jaylon, and she is alive and well, claimed the source. However, the YPJ has chosen to closely protect her identity, the source added.

Breitbart News reported Tuesday that the Islamic State had claimed to have taken the life of Rehana. A picture had been circulating on social media and jihadist sites that showed an Islamic State militant gleefully smiling and holding up what he claimed was the detached head of Rehana.

Friends of Rehana’s have told the Daily Mail that the beheaded woman was not her but was a different Kurdish female fighter. They said that Rehana had been engaging Islamic State fighters in Kobane before she was forced to flee the area. Her friends said that she is believed to be living in southern Turkey, which borders Kobane.

“She is my friend and I confirm that she is alive. And the picture of beheaded female fighter is not Rehana’s picture,” a friend told the Daily Mail. He continued, describing how he recently saw Rehana when she and Peshmerga forces were forced to flee Kobane.

“She is in Turkey,” Rehana’s friend claimed. “I will try to gain her number because I lost the connection with her. She evacuated Kobane and I stayed in Kobane. At the beginning of the last clashes Rehana left Kobane,” he added.

Another friend of Rehana said that the woman in the photo was not Rehana, but the “daughter of a Martyr.” “The facial features are not her,” added Rehana’s female friend. She continued: “I can give news on her, but I don’t want to talk until I get someone’s advice… A person in Kobane has refuted this news [that Rehana is dead], and I’m going to speak to him again tomorrow. Everyone’s asking about her, using her. And I don’t want to talk about her.”


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