UN: Islamic State Has Enough Weapons for Two Years

UN: Islamic State Has Enough Weapons for Two Years

The United Nations Security Council released a report that warned the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) likely possesses enough arms to continue its jihad in Syria and Iraq for two more years.

The UN report noted that the Islamic State had in its possession two years worth of weapons, ammo, and vehicles to continue fighting for the expansion of its self-declared caliphate.

Additionally, the report states that ISIS may also have at its disposal: fighter jets, T-55 and T-72 battle tanks, man portable air defense systems (MANDPADS), anti-aircraft weaponry, rocket launchers, artillery, and other vehicles.

ISIS also receives upwards of $1.6 million dollars per day in oil revenues, the report estimates, selling on the black market with the bargain price of between $18 to $35 dollars per barrel.

ISIS also raises money through kidnapping and extortion. the UN Security council estimated that the jihadist group has pulled in between $35 and $45 million dollars in the past twelve months through ransom payments, which amounts to over $100,000 per day.

Unnamed UN Member states told the Security Council that ISIS pays its fighters from $200 to $2000 dollars per month, based on skills, along with an additional stipend for each family member that joins the jihad.

The report, however, completely leaves out the several allegations that foreign countries such as Qatar, which also happen to be UN member states, have played a significant role in financing the Islamic State.

The UN Security Council memo concluded: “Countering and neutralizing the threat from ISIL and ANF (Al Nusra Front) requires a comprehensive Security Council strategy that is broad-based and properly ambitious.”