British Women Still Yearn to Join ISIS, Run Brothels for Jihadists

British Women Still Yearn to Join ISIS, Run Brothels for Jihadists

Reports of Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) brothels run by British women flooded the media in September. Unfortunately, the situation only worsened in the past two months. Young girls in Britain tell people how desperate they are to run to the terrorist group in Syria and Iraq. The terrorist group even formed an official Islamic State women’s agency, the Zora Foundation, which published a cookbook.

“Hundreds. I come across girls every day who say, ‘I’m so desperate to go over there but it’s just so hard for me,” said Melanie Smith from King’s College International Center for the Study of Radicalization. “The proportion of girls who eventually make the transition from wanting to go to physically going is tiny. But there are so many people that want to go. And it’s fairly overwhelming.”

4 ISIS women preparing to burn their British, Australian, Canadian & American passports. #Syria #Iraq

— Charles Lister (@Charles_Lister) December 3, 2014

Aqsa Mahmood, a 20-year-old from Glasgow, is on Smith’s radar. She married an Islamic State leader last year. She is also in charge of “the al-Khanssaa brigade, a female-only militia of jihadists, who have been running sex slave brothels.” Yazidi females, aged between 18 and 24, make up the majority of these sex slaves.

Islamic State women use social media as a recruitment tool to reach out to other Western women. Many of the accounts in this article are suspended, but the captured tweets show a “family” and “acceptance” among women and men. Experts believe these Western women suffer from abuse and non-loving households. These tweets appear to provide women with the nourishment they need along with reminders of Islam.

@Bint_Amr @ummcadil4 May Allah shade us on a day when there is no shade but his ???

— Umm fulaaan (@mish_saeeed) December 3, 2014

To be the most beautiful women in the world….

— Al_Muslimah (@Al_Muslimah_) November 13, 2014

@_ummduha just tweet n retweet Islamic reminders sis :) by the way tell your little bro I miss him :(

— Ruqayyah D (@ruq_ayyah) October 24, 2014

@d_ruq Walaikumsallam sister, I read your story and it was very moving! Heartwarming! May Allah give you more happiness.

— Umm Duha (@_ummduha) October 20, 2014

Sisters in Raqqah&Tabqa. If you wants to give away or sell new born clothes (esp winter clothes) & baby stuffs like stroller ?? pls @ me Jzk??

— shams (@__BirdOfJannah) November 26, 2014

To be the wife of a Mujahid is a choice.To be the wife of a Shaheed is a reward! ??

— shams (@__BirdOfJannah) November 22, 2014

The happiness and contentment that Allah put in the hearts of Muhajir, wallahi I can’t lie about it. Indeed Allah’s love is the best!

— shams (@__BirdOfJannah) November 11, 2014

Dear sincere Muslims! If you really love your brothers fee sabilAllah, aid them with your du’aa, by performing Qiyam & recite the Qunoot!

— shams (@__BirdOfJannah) November 5, 2014

The love of Jihad continues to dominate my life, my feelings, my senses and myself.

— Nusaybah Al Muhajira (@UmmSuleym) December 3, 2014

@umm_esa73 @UmmSayfillah where are you?…yes there is sisters but try don’t speak English. habibty Alhamdulilah am fine wallah

— Nusaybah Al Muhajira (@UmmSuleym) November 26, 2014

My beautiful daughter Umm Sayfullah, may ALLAH protect her, and may she raises many mujahideen.

— ukht in black (@umm_esa73) December 3, 2014

The Zora Foundation provides a finishing school for these women to become a proper jihadist wife. The tweets between women often include food, especially Nutella. The Islamic State jumped on this opportunity to publish a cookbook. The first recipe is millet balls, which militants can consume “between battles.”


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