French Forces Kill Jihadi Wanted By US

French Forces Kill Jihadi Wanted By US

On December 11, French forces in northern Mali killed Ahmed al Tilemsi, a jihadi wanted by the US.

Tilemsi helped found the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJWA).

According to Reuters, French colonel Gilles Jarron said French forces “launched an operation in the Gao region in coordination with Malian forces.” He said Tilemsi was killed and approximately twelve other Islamists had been “neutralized” too. 

The US had a $5 million bounty for information leading to Tilemsi’s arrest.

On November 23, Breitbart News reported that various French nationals were joining the Islamist cause via ISIS and that one Frenchman had allegedly been identified in the video showing the beheading of American aid worker Peter Kessig. 

At that time reported that “over 900 French nationals and residents had either joined [the] Syrian civil war or planned to travel to the conflict-torn country” to do so. 

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