Sydney Shooter's Social Media Trail Shows Long History with Radical Islam

Sydney Shooter's Social Media Trail Shows Long History with Radical Islam

Evidence has surfaced on social media that jihadi hostage taker “Sheikh” Haron had previously displayed radical views, had deep connections with the Muslim community in Sydney, and expressed an unapologetic devotion to Islam.

“Sheikh” Haron’s barbaric views included blaming women for “encouraging” their rape, a belief that is widely held throughout Islamic lands. “It is not fair that we condemn the rapist without condemning the one who has encouraged the rape,” said a burka-clad spokeswoman on his YouTube channel. “Making a comment, or making a signal, or wearing inappropriate clothes,” could contribute to a rape, she added.

On December 6th, in what appears to be Haron’s feed but could not be independently verified by Breitbart News, he wrote on Twitter that America is the true promulgator of terrorism, which explains why Muslims fight against the U.S.

Just a glance at his Twitter feed reveals that on numerous occasions, Haron often cited verses from the Quran and expressed his devotion to Islam.

Most of the links expressed on his Twitter feed redirect to a Facebook page, believed to be Haron’s, which was taken down shortly after he was revealed to be the hostage taker.

More videos have surfaced showing evidence that Haron was active in Sydney’s Muslim community.

A YouTube page titled “We Believe In Peace,” which sports the black flag of Jihad as its logo, has uploaded several videos of Haron preaching to Sydney’s Muslim community at a mosque. Another YouTube channel has uploaded a video from 2009 that shows Haron and other Islamic scholars preaching at a Madrassa (Islamic school).


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