Supporters Urge ISIS to Impale or Skin Captured Pilot Alive

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) captured Jordainian pilot Moaz al-Kasasba on Wednesday after his plane crashed in Syria. Militants asked supporters on social media how to kill the innocent pilot and received numerous responses.

These people use the hashtag #We AllWantToSlaughterMoaz and #SuggestaWaytoKilltheJordanianPig. As Voactiv points out, no one knows if the terrorist group or supporters started the hashtags.

This user, who tweets constant support for jihadists, said he does not care how the terrorists kill and send Moaz to hell, but they must eliminate “tyrants” like him.

Two Islamic State supporters compared Jordanian pilots to donkeys.

A man told the Islamic State to skin Moaz alive and send him back to Jordan.

A female Islamic State supporter told the militants to donate Moaz’s organs to injured terrorists. She also called him a traitor to his religion.

Two accounts told the Islamic State to give Moaz to children to teach them how to slaughter enemies.

One person suggested the militants film a crocodile killing Moaz in a cage and publish the film on the web.

This supporter posted graphic pictures of a beheading to imply the Islamic State should do the same to Moaz.


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