ISIS Announces 24/7 Propanganda Web Video Channel


The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) will launch their very own TV channel to broadcast propaganda 24/7 and recruit new members.

The station, called “The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast,” will work alongside the terrorist group’s social media outlets and radio station broadcast from Mosul, Iraq. The Islamic State also runs Libya’s TV station Tawheed, but the “news” station will hit an international audience.

Vocativ reported the station will also air a series that stars British hostage John Cantlie. He recently appeared in a video intended to show Westerners that life within the confines of Islamic State rule is comfortable and that Mosul residents lived well. The video, of course, did not note the multiple infrastructure crises involving Mosul’s food and water supply under the terrorist organization’s government. It is unknown if he made the video under his own free will or if militants forced him to do it.

Cantlie’s new program, “Time to Recruit,” is scheduled to air every Wednesday at 5PM local time.

Militants claim the station will broadcast at The webpage is not available, but J.M. Berger, a jihadist expert, is not convinced the webpage is officially associated with the Islamic State. It was registered through an Australian company in December, and no official Islamic State outlet mentioned the station.

“My best guess is this is a fanboy effort,” Berger told The Washington Post.


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