John Cantlie

John Cantlie Resurfaces, Condemning ‘Distressing’ Attacks on Islamic State in Mosul

Perennial Islamic State hostage/spokesman John Cantlie has once again resurfaced in an ISIS propaganda video, this time touring the destruction in the ISIS-held areas of Mosul and interviewing local men sympathetic to the terrorist group, who appear increasingly frustrated with the lack of resources and difficultly getting around the city.

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Kidnapped Journalist John Cantlie Reappears in Islamic State Video

British journalist John Cantlie, who has appeared in a number of Islamic State propaganda videos and magazine articles since he was kidnapped in Syria in 2012, reappears in a new video after a four-month absence that raised concerns about his continued survival.

John Cantlie

Report: ISIS Releases ‘Softer’ Propaganda Videos to Citizens

An investigation by Vocativ has found the Islamic State releases what they describe as “softer” propaganda in areas they captured or want to capture, instead of more well-known videos of slaughter and executions that are intended for a Western audience.

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‘Wish You Were Here!’: ISIS Publishes Tourism Brochure

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has developed a significant volume of propaganda as they extend their caliphate through Iraq and Syria, based both on their military prowess and attempts to depict their civilians as living the good life. A tourism brochure advertising the alleged high quality of life in Mosul, Iraq is their latest effort to entice the world to join them.

ISIS Tourist Brochure

Hostage John Cantlie Calls His New ISIS Video ‘Last in This Series’

For the tenth time since taking him hostage, the Islamic State (ISIS) has paraded British journalist John Cantlie as the “host” of one of its propaganda videos, this time giving a guided tour of the contested Syrian city of Aleppo, which ISIS seeks to portray as functional and productive under its control.

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