Iranian President Writes Obama, Calls World Leaders in Hopes of Securing Nuke Deal

Rouhani: end all nuclear sanctions against Iran

The Iranian negotiating team, speaking on behalf of the Islamic dictatorship running their country, is making a last ditch effort to persuade world leaders to succumb to their demands, which would allow Iran to develop into a “peaceful” nuclear power.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who has no military and little executive authority, wrote a letter to President Obama on Thursday and spoke via phone with the leaders of the UK, China, France, and Russia.

The contents within the letter to Obama have not been fully disclosed, but details of the phone conversations to world leaders have been divulged.

Rouhani expressed resentment that the U.S.-backed coalition had “exacerbated” the conflict in Yemen, where recently, Iran-backed militants led a coup against the internationally recognized government.

However, the Iranian figurehead President said his qualms with Yemen would not affect a nuclear deal between the P5+1 world powers and the Ayatollah’s Islamic Republic, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Rouhani reportedly told French President Francois Hollande that Iran has a “legitimate right to use peaceful nuclear power,” and he “insisted on the need to work towards a lasting robust and verifiable agreement,” Hollande’s office stated.

According to Iran’s state-media, Rouhani told British Prime Minister David Cameron that Iran’s negotiating team is “acting in the national and international interest and we should not lose this exceptional opportunity.” Rouhani added that the “peaceful character of (Iran’s) nuclear activities and the necessity to annul all the unjust sanctions can lead us to a final deal.”

Cameron responded, telling Rouhani that the British leader “emphasized the importance of Iran showing flexibility on the outstanding issues in order for a deal to be reached,” according to the Prime Minister’s office.

Rouhani reportedly told Russian authoritarian President Vladimir Putin that he hoped “for success at the new round of talks in Lausanne (Switzerland).”

The P5+1 powers and Iran have until Tuesday to reach a self-imposed basic framework for a nuclear deal. Then, they have until June 30 to reach a final agreement on the matter.


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