Iran Negotiator: US, International Sanctions Against Iran Have Been ‘Resolved’

AP Photo/Brian Snyder
AP Photo/Brian Snyder

Hamid Baeidinejad, the Iranian foreign ministry’s director general for political and international security affairs, told Iran’s state-controlled Press TV on Tuesday that the issue of sanctions against the Ayatollah’s regime has been “resolved.”

The senior member of Tehran’s negotiating team told Press TV that the P5+1 countries have agreed to remove the oil, gas, and banking sanctions against the Iranian regime.

“Sanctions have many aspects, there are unilateral sanctions, U.S. sanctions, EU sanctions, UNSC sanctions… I should say that many of these aspects have been resolved,” he told the state-run media outlet. “There are some limited areas that also need to be resolved, and we are now concentrating on those remaining technical aspects with regard to the sanctions,” added Baeidinejad.

The senior member of Iran’s negotiating team said that “the termination of oil sanctions, gas sanctions, financial banking… many of them have been resolved…”

“But still there are a limited number of areas that are still under negotiations, which we hope we can resolve them and then we can admit that the whole issue of sanctions is resolved,” he added.

The P5+1 World Powers and the Iranian regime have reportedly extended the deadline to agree upon a basic framework from March 31 to April 1.

The news comes as conflicting reports have come out about the intentions of some of the P5+1 countries. Late Tuesday, ABC Foreign Editor Jon Williams reported that both the French and German Foreign Ministers plan on leaving the talks at 6 A.M. Wednesday local time.


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