Navy Yard: Police Find No Evidence of Shooter After Called-In Alert

AP Photo
The Associated Press
Washington, DC
WASHINGTON–The police have given the D.C. Navy Yard the all-clear after putting it on full lockdown as they responded to reports of a shots being fired. The shots were reported in building 197 around 7:30 AM. Employees had been evacuated.
It appears, however, that there was no actual shooter on site. No arrests have been made, no weapons discovered, and no victims found.
Earlier, senior law enforcement officials said that the shots have not been confirmed and that no injuries have been reported.
Federal officials have told the press that Navy surveillance has seen video of two unknown men jumping the fence near the building where shots were allegedly fired. However, no shooter has been found.
As officials noted, the Navy Yard has seen shooting incidents before; a gunman killed 12 people at the Navy Yard in 2013. Law enforcement issued an alert earlier this week of heightened security given the upcoming July 4 holiday, though no specific evidence of a threat anywhere had been provided with the alert.