UN Security Council Will Discuss Israel Before Passing Iran Legislation


The  is expected to hold discussions on Israel before approving the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 world powers (U.S., UK, Germany, France, China, and Russia).

The Security Council is comprised of 15 members, including 5 heavily authoritarian regimes (China, Russia, Angola, Chad, Jordan, and Venezuela). Malaysia, an Islamic country and security council member that does not even recognize Israel’s existence, has chosen to add the Israelis’ treatment of Palestinians to the nuclear agenda, Israel’s NRG news reported Sunday.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has called the latest addition to the agenda “an ugly and cynical attempt to further cement the Palestinian issue on the agenda of the international community,” the Times of Israel reported Monday.

“It is absurd that while attacks are taking place at the hands of radical Islamists throughout the Middle East, a special discussion on Israel is to take place,” the Foreign Ministry added.

Some bodies at the UN, including its Human Rights Council, are known for their obsessive and malicious focus on the State of Israel. The Jewish state is subject to about half of all UN Human Rights Council resolutions, which are supposed to highlight human rights violations throughout the world.

The nuclear deal agreed upon by the P5+1 and Iran calls for the lifting of international sanctions against Tehran, which would allow the dictatorial regime to eventually export ballistic missiles unchecked and receive a cash windfall of an estimated $100-$150 billion dollars in frozen assets.

The Iran nuclear deal is expected to pass through the UN Security Council without issue. On Sunday, the Obama administration sent the Iran deal to Congress, which now has 60 days to review the agreement.


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