How Europe Exports Terrorism: Somalia Terror Bomber Born in Germany


One of Somalia’s only five-star hotels was all-but destroyed at the weekend by a suicide bomber, who has been revealed by Somali security sources as one of an increasing number of European-born Jihadists waging war around the world.

The Jazeera Palace hotel came under attack for the third time on Sunday as a lorry load of explosives detonated outside, demolishing half the building and killing fifteen, including a Chinese embassy employee, reports As one of the only hotels in the country capable of delivering Western-style service and comfort, the Jazeera Palace was popular with United Nations employees, whose Horn of Africa headquarters was next door.

Intelligence leaked by the Somalian security services and reported by German news sources reveales the Somalian al-Shabaab Mujahideen fighter who blew himself up on Sunday was actually a German citizen. The individual identified was born in Bonn to the Somali diaspora and held dual citizenship.

European-born Muslim extremists have flooded out of the continent to war-zones in recent years, fuelling conflicts in the Levant, North Africa, and the Horn. The Express newspaper reports there have now been 50 British citizens killed in the service of the Islamic State, fighting to establish a caliphate over Syria and Iraq.

Of even more concern than those who have been killed for ISIS, perhaps, are those who return home alive.

It is reported by The Express that the costs of monitoring the 350 Jihadists recently returned from Syria and Iraq can hit £10,000 per person a day, up to £25 million in total a week. Each returnee needs a team of surveillance staff to watch them effectively. Colonel Richard Kemp, former head of counter terrorism at the Cabinet Office, said:

“To track one person effectively takes at least 10, or more probably 15 people, which would cost at least £10,000 a day, not including other measures such as the monitoring of mobile phones and email traffic.

“Then you have to observe the people they speak to, so the network expands.”

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