ISIS Video Shows Child Executing Man Accused of Spying

Video Shot
Video Shot

A new ISIS video shows a young child executing a man whom ISIS accused of spying.

Warning: Graphic Images

A plain white van brings the prisoner to a destroyed area as images of planes and warships plaster the screen. As the picture fades away, an image pops up of a young boy looking in a side view mirror with a grin on his face.

The next picture shows the prisoner on his knees with a blindfold over his eyes. A boy, no older than ten, marches to the prisoner and takes his place next to him.

It is the same boy in the side view mirror. The video cuts to the boy readying his gun. After that, he points his gun to the prisoner’s head. However, the next scene shows the man in a white room as he allegedly confesses his crime. He claims he worked for a coalition against ISIS, which included Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

After the almost three-minute confession, the scene cuts back to the execution site. The boy shoots the man in the head. ISIS replayed the execution three times, including in slow motion.

The camera focuses on the body before it slowly rises up to the young boy and an older militant who was standing by his side the whole time.

ISIS built numerous training camps specifically for children as soon as they established their Caliphate across Syria and Iraq. Videos showed children participating in military exercises, which included proper gun mechanics. Other videos showed militants teaching children how to behead people by using toy dolls.

A video in March showed a young boy executing Muhammad Said Ismail Musallam. Another video from July showed another child shooting prisoners on the Tigris River. It took place during the massacre at Iraq’s Speicher military base near Tikrit. The massacre, which took all day, ended with the deaths of over 1,700 cadets.


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