Military Father Recalls How Iranian Bomb Killed His Son

Video Veterans Against the Deal

The second video from Veterans Against the Deal introduces Patrick Farr, whose son, Army Spc. Clay Farr, was killed by an Iranian-made bomb in Iraq in 2006. Mr. Farr says the Obama Administration “must not really care about what Iran has done on the terrorism front, killing American soldiers. They’ve just completely forgotten.”

Farr recalls the day he learned of his son’s death: “A pickup pulled up in front of the house and it had a soldier in it. I knew what he was about to tell me, and I asked him if he could just tell me that my son had been wounded. But he said he couldn’t do that.  He’d been killed that morning. And my whole world changed.”

“The Iranian nuclear deal will allow Iran to have their funding back. They will be able to continue to fund terrorism,” Farr says in the ad, alluding to the enormous financial windfall that even President Obama admits will give the mullahs more money to finance international terrorism.

This is a point Obama apologists would rather not confront, since his ludicrous false choice between the Iranian deal and instant, total war skips a number of much better options, including simply leaving the sanctions in place to choke off Iran’s ability to finance terrorist operations.

In fact, with Iran obliged to provide increasing support for their tottering client Bashar al-Assad in Syria, this is precisely the moment when less foolish negotiators than Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry would be able to leverage Iranian desperation for maximum return, including the actual shutdown of both their nuclear program and terrorist operations. Killing the deal until a better President and Secretary of State take charge in 2017 should be a vital objective of the American people.

Farr urges viewers to call their senators and “urge them, no deal with Iran… put America first.” The first video from Veterans Against the Deal more specifically referenced Democrat Senator Jon Tester of Montana, but he appears to be ignoring the pressure and supporting the deal, absurdly declaring that “if Iran violates this agreement, all options are on the table to ensure the security of America, Israel and our allies.”

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth — Obama is permanently dismantling the sanctions regime and making “snapback” impossible, leaving only the very same total war Obama claims to be avoiding at all costs as the only real punitive measure.


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