Schengen Border Rules Questioned At Intergovermental Meeting After Train Attack, Migrant Moves

AP Photo/Binta

From Reuters:

Concerned about security threats and illegal migration, some European governments are considering amending the Schengen border code, which eliminated systematic frontier controls across much of Europe.

A week after passengers subdued a gunman on an Amsterdam-Paris express, interior and transport ministers from nine countries will meet on Saturday in Paris to discuss improving security on cross-border trains. They may also discuss efforts to contain a flood of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The Belgian government said on Friday it would make several proposals at the Paris talks, including on the border code. A spokesman for Prime Minister Charles Michel declined to detail them but said change could improve security without undermining the principle of passport-free travel.

“We say `yes’ to the free movement of people, `no’ to the free movement of people with Kalashnikovs,” the spokesman said.

However, the European Commission, the EU executive which enforces the Schengen code, insists it sees no need to change the rules, either to improve security or control migration.

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