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Hungary To Defend European Border By Detaining All Migrants

Hungary is set to introduce plans to detain all migrants entering the country until their asylum applications have been fully processed – a move the government says it expects will go off “like a bomb” in Brussels.


Merkel Ready To Give In To ‘Blackmail’ Over Turkish Visas

According to a British diplomat, Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to give visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to 75 million Turkish citizens despite the failure to meet key European Union conditions. In starkly undiplomatic language, British Ambassador to Germany Sir Sebastian


UKIP MEPs: Brussels Attack Will Spell End For EU Free Movement

BRUSSELS, Belgium — UK Independence Party members of the European Parliament who were in Brussels at the time of Tuesday’s terror attacks have said the atrocity may precipitate the death of Europe’s prized borderless zone. Speaking to Breitbart London, UKIP


World View: Iran, Syria and Russia Ridicule Saudi Arabia’s Army

Contents: Turkey will keep Syria border closed as Aleppo refugees mass; Europe sends mixed messages to Turkey about new flood of Syrian refugees; Syria, Iran and Russia ridicule Saudi Arabia’s army; Turkey confiscates parrots and parakeets on Syria border; North Korea launches long-range missile, violating Security Council resolution

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People Traffickers Making BILLIONS Out Of Europe’s Illegal Migration Invasion

Criminal gangs organising the trafficking of illegal migrants across Europe’s porous borders have made an estimated profit of almost £4 billion in the past 12 months alone, according to the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol. Europol’s director Rob Wainwright told the


Denmark and Sweden Add to the Downfall of the Schengen Agreement

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and just days into January the Schengen Zone is under even more strain. Just after Sweden announced border controls with Denmark on a major bridge and tunnel link, Denmark has announced it too will

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Danish Rail Company: Sweden Border Checks Will Cost 1 Million DKK a Day

Border checks on train passengers aimed at curbing the number of asylum seekers entering Sweden from Denmark will cost Denmark’s rail operator nearly 1 million Danish crowns (99,370 pounds) a day, the state-owned company said on Tuesday. Travellers have been

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EU Plans To Overrule National Governments’ Border Forces

In a move said to represent the biggest transfer of national sovereignty since the creation of the single currency, the European Union is to propose a standing European border force able to take control of the bloc’s external frontiers even when a


Europe Feels Fallout From Merkel Migrant Magnanimity

Angela Merkel may have won praise from the world for Germany’s open-door policy on refugees, but a confused and divided Europe is feeling the fallout from the decision, analysts said. The German chancellor’s sudden move in early September to welcome

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European Parliament’s Schulz: EU Is In Danger Of Falling Apart

BERLIN (Reuters) – The European Union is at risk of falling apart and supporters must fight to keep it, the head of the European Parliament said in a German newspaper interview. Martin Schulz (pictured above, centre) told Die Welt’s Tuesday

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The EU’s New Turkish Deal Brings Insecurity For Europe

What a change a few months make. Earlier this year Angela Merkel, the Puppet-Master of Europe, took the unprecedented step of suspending the Dublin II accord by welcoming an unlimited number of Syrians to Germany. Several months later and under intense

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Slovakia Threatens EU Exit Over Migrant Policy Shambles

This is geopolitical chaos theory in practice. Every day the European Union (EU) changes direction on how it will cope with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and heading for a new life in Europe. Border fences go


EU Chief Praises Borderless Europe As Migrant Tide Floods In

Europe’s most senior unelected official is proud of a borderless EU.  Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, believes the Schengen area of 26 countries that have removed all shared checkpoints was ‘one of our very greatest achievements’. As more European leaders