Iran Promises Israel’s Destruction in 25 Years

AP/Vahid Salemi

Iran’s theocratic leader today declared that Israel will be destroyed within 25 years.

“You will not see next 25 years: [Allah] Willing, There will be nothing As Zionist regime by next 25 years,” said a tweet from Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“Until then, struggling, heroic and jihadi moral will leave no moment of serenity for Zionists,” Khamanei threatened.

The tweet was sent just after President Barack Obama rallied Senate Democrats to uphold his 10-year cash-and-nukes package for Iran, in the face of growing public and GOP criticism.

Obama’s deal allows the Iranian theocracy to build and deploy nuclear weapons, and also buy and build long-range missiles, from 2025 onwards.

The deal gives Iran control over critical parts of verification process, plus $50 billion in frozen assets, plus many billions more in trade revenue. The cash can be used to fund nuke-development and Iran’s anti-Semitic, anti-American jihadi armies in Syria, Yemen and Gaza, plus terrorist strikes worldwide.

Khamanei’s 25-year time-line predicts Israel’s destruction by 2040.

That’s just 15 years after expiration of the Democrats’ deal, which gives Iran the legal right to build nuclear weapons.

Iran’s official ideology, which justifies the theocracy, says a divine Muslim leader will rule the Earth peacefully after mankind undergoes a ghastly cataclysm.

GOP leaders say they oppose the Democrats’ giveaway, but they earlier pass a unique law that allows Obama’s treaty-like deal to survive unless Congress strikes it down.

Normally, foreign treaties can only be approved when two-thirds of Congress agrees. The GOP’s deal reversed that practice for Obama. Now the GOP can’s stop the deal, because Democrats in the Senate have rallied behind the deal.

So far, the GOP’s leaders are not pressuring Democratic Senators to reject the deal, which has support from only 21 percent of Americans, according to a recent poll.