CAIR Calls in FBI… Over Spray Paint

Graffiti on Mosque Wave 3 News
Wave 3 News

The Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an American Muslim advocacy group with deep ties to Islamist outfits, has asked for the FBI to step in and investigate a purported case of vandalism against a mosque in Kentucky.

CAIR–which was founded by affiliates of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas–concluded that the alleged petty crime must be dealt with by “state and federal law enforcement authorities,” who should “investigate vandalism targeting a Kentucky mosque as a hate crime.”

Mosque employees discovered during the week that the Louisville Islamic Center had been vandalized with English and Hebrew messages along with drawings of the Jewish Star of David, CAIR officials said.

Messages read: “Muslims- Leave the Jews Alone,” “Nazis Speak Arabic,” and “This is for France,” likely in reference to the jihadi terrorist attack on a train destined for Paris last month.

Another spray-painted word said “Arab” in Hebrew.

Local officials insist that this most recent incident is part of an upward trend of anti-Muslim hate in America, which has now infiltrated Kentucky.

“We knew that hatred will hit us one day, but there was always a brink of hope that our community outreach efforts may deflect it away from us,” Muhammad Babar, who serves as spokesman for the Louisville Islamic Center, said Thursday. “But fact of the matter is that we are hit hard right here in our compassionate city of Louisville at a place that is [a] center of tolerance and compassion.”

Local Jewish community members were on hand Thursday to denounce the alleged misdemeanor, along with Louisville mayor Greg Fischer.

“This is an act of extremism here,” Fischer said. “Extremism of any kind will not be tolerated in our city and in our country.”

Matt Goldberg, an official with the Jewish Community of Louisville, called the act a “horrible crime.”

According to a local NBC affiliate, the FBI has capitulated to the demands of CAIR and has launched an investigation into the matter.

The news of the alleged vandalism comes as CAIR continues to lead the charge to denounce the arrest of a 14-year-old boy in Texas, Ahmed Mohamed, who brought a clock into school that some said looked like a bomb, leading officials to act upon the alarming situation. Now, experts have come out to doubt the veracity of Mohamed’s narrative, claiming that he did not even build the clock, but rather simply placed its components in a suitcase, leading some to believe that he had crafted a publicity stunt.

CAIR continues to call for the FBI to investigate matters that could easily be handled by local authorities.

In July, they Islamic group called in the feds on two separate occasions to investigate alleged damage to a mosque’s air conditioning unit.


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