Turkish Police Hunt For Beautiful ISIS Terrorist With a ‘Mona Lisa Smile’

Turkish Police/EPA
Turkish Police/EPA

Turkish police are hunting for an ISIS operative who certainly seems to break the mold: 20-year-old Walentina Slobodjanuk, originally from Kazakhstan, who has been described as “the beautiful terrorist with a Mona Lisa smile.”

According to a report at the New York PostSlobodjanuk is one of four suspects believed to have crossed into Turkey from Syria to carry out a major terrorist attack. She is said to be traveling with a fake ID under the alias “Yildiz Bozkurt.”

The UK Daily Mail reports the operation planned by Slobodjanuk and her associates is thought to involve hijacking either an airplane or a boat. They are allegedly part of the same group that killed over a hundred people in a suicide bombing in Ankara a few weeks ago.

“A recent study has suggested that many woman are travelling to Syria to join ISIS so they can play a vital role in spreading propaganda to attract new recruits,” writes the Daily Mail, suggesting that Slobodjanuk could be in the vanguard of a new terror threat. “The King’s College London report estimated that more than 550 Western women had traveled to ISIS-territory by May this year.”