Palestinian Health Agency Claims Israel Harvests Corneas

Washington, DC

If the Palestinian Ministry of Health is to be believed, Israeli forces are now harvesting the corneas of dead terrorists.

Palestinian media reported this past weekend that Israel scooped the corneas out of an Arab man who was killed after committing a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, citing a shocking discovery made by the Palestinian Ministry of Health. The state-entity is controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization that rules the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas-run entity claimed that it made the shocking finding at the morgue where the body was sent, according to reports.

The jihadi referred to committed the attack on October 12, stabbing a soldier on an Israeli bus while yelling, “Allahu Akbar” and then attempting to steal an Israeli soldier’s rifle, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Police subdued the knife-wielding terrorist after a long struggle, but were forced to use deadly force to stop his stabbing rampage, according to incident reports.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health is known to act as a propaganda arm for Hamas, but that has not stopped international media from reporting their claims as factual. Mainstream news sites like The Guardian, CNN, The New York Times, and others report the Ministry’s claims as equivalent to the reports disseminated by Israel’s media sources, which possess editorial freedom from the government.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian-led stabbing spree continues throughout Israel and the disputed territories.

On Monday, three were wounded when a Palestinian terrorist stabbed a Jewish woman in the back in the city of Rishon LeZion. He then stabbed a man in a clothing store before police arrived and neutralized the armed jihadi.

Later, in a separate incident, an Israeli man was stabbed in nearby Netanya, about 30 miles from where the first attack occurred. Police shoot the stabber, according to reports.

Also on Monday, a terrorist attack was thwarted when Israeli police stationed at a security checkpoint stopped a bomb-strapped car from entering Israel. Police arrested the five men in the car, who were residents of Hebron.