President Maduro: U.S. Violated Venezuelan Airspace with Coast Guard Spy Mission

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro threatened to levy charges against the United States this week for allegedly running spy missions in Venezuelan skies.

“All these new, unusual, extraordinary provocations against Venezuela will be denounced before the UN, the UNASUR [Union of South American Nations], the CELAC [Community of Latin American and Caribbean States], the ALBA [Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America], and other organizations,” Maduro threatened on his television show Sunday. His promise to bring the United States to international court followed a broadcast in which Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino claimed the United States had flown a number of surveillance missions over Venezuela.

Specifically, Padrino claimed that a bombadier Dash 8 aircraft entered Venezuelan airspace, describing the aircraft as “possessing an electronic system allowing for the detection of thermal energy to create images.” This aircraft allegedly conducted a surveillance mission, “made circular search patterns and continued going southbound (…) violating Venezuelan airspace.”