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Titanic Sub Company OceanGate Fired Director Who Demanded Safety Testing

OceanGate, the maritime exploration company behind the submersible Titan, which went missing with five people aboard during a trip to the wreckage of the Titanic, fired its director of marine operations after he demanded safety tests of the vehicle before it took passengers to the bottom of the Ocean. The company is also facing questions about other safety decisions, like the submersible lacking a safety beacon.

Missing Titanic sub 'Titan'

Spain Picks Up 328 Migrants Departing Morocco

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s Maritime Rescue Service says at least 328 people have been rescued in the Mediterranean Sea despite strong currents in the Strait of Gibraltar area, the closest stretch of water separating Europe from North Africa.

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Cuban Refugees Take to the Waters as Raúl Castro Ramps Up Oppression

Nearly 100 Cuban refugees reached the United States in the past week, with 51 refugees landing in the Florida Keys on Sunday alone. With the number of Cubans risking their lives on the high seas booming since President Barack Obama “normalized” relations with Cuba in 2014, officials fear a greater increase following the death of Fidel Castro.

Seven would-be Cuban emigres remain in a homemade boat moments before being arrested by Cu

Kardashian Tuesday Night Fireworks Party Frightens L.A. Residents

Santa Monica and Marina del Rey residents were awakened in the middle of the night Tuesday by a raucous fireworks show thrown by Khloe Kardashian in honor of her boyfriend James Harden’s birthday party – and it’s not clear that the reality TV starlet secured the proper permits, or even needed any, for the bash.

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