Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Latest Clinton Emails Are ‘The .44 Magnum of Smoking Guns’


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a Breitbart News contributor and Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, appeared on the Fox Business Network to discuss the latest revelations in the Hillary Clinton email story. He described the discovery of beyond-Top Secret material on Clinton’s unsecured email server as “absolutely enormous.”

“We’ve talked about numerous smoking guns,” said Dr. Gorka. “This is the biggest. This is the .44 Magnum of smoking guns.”

He explained the meaning of the TOP SECRET-SAP, or Special Access Program, designation as “one of the highest classifications out there,” covering sensitive material all the way up to the United States’ nuclear weapons program.

“The idea that we’re putting these onto private, unguarded servers… this means that any enemy nation could penetrate and get access to those secrets, which undermines our national security, or could lead to the Secretary being blackmailed,” said Gorka, referring to Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

Of course, the former Secretary is currently seeking the ultimate promotion, to Commander-in-Chief. Gorka said her email server was an example of Clinton doing “much worse” than merely “playing loose” with sensitive intelligence material.

“Listen to how she parses the words,” he said of Clinton’s defensive sound bites. “‘I did not receive or send information marked classified.’ That doesn’t matter. It’s not the marking that makes a government piece of information classified. It’s the nature of the information.”

Gorka said Clinton’s email scandal is disturbing for two reasons. “Number One, if this is how she dealt with it when she was a Cabinet member, how is she going to deal with it if she’s Commander-in-Chief?”

“And secondly, there’s the issue of what if Anonymous, or the Chinese, accessed that information on her private server?” he continued, referring to the Anonymous hacker collective. “And she’s in the White House, and they start to blackmail her, saying: ‘If you don’t do this, with regards to something that matters to us, we’re gong to let out what you really did.’ So she’s eminently blackmailable, in addition to the issue of the security of our future information.”