WATCH: Islamic Jihad Terror Show at Gaza Kindergarten: ‘Israelis, Don’t Force Us to Kill You’

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The graduation ceremony for the Islamic Al-Hoda kindergarten in Gaza featured “children, clad in Islamic Jihad fatigues, demonstrated the planting of anti-tank mines, the killing and kidnapping of enemy soldiers, the launching of mortars, and more,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The tots were then treated to a pep talk by Islamic Jihad’s Sheikh Khadr Habib, who said the children should send a “message of love” to the world… and a message of death to the Israelis.

After watching five minutes of very young children staging simulated attacks on an Israeli military base, blowing up a tank, murdering an Israeli sentry, and taking a hostage, the audience received this advice from a Gaza teenager: “Stab! Kill the occupier with stones and knives. Use any available weapon. From the edge of fire, when the blood calls to arms, the morning rises.”

Habib then took the stage to declare that “the message of the children of Palestine today is a message of love to the whole world.”

“Indeed, the spokesman for these children is saying today: ‘The love that we bear in our hearts is enough to be distributed among all the people of Earth.’” Habib ranted. “However, it is this Zionist enemy that kills the children, the women, and the elderly, and is occupying the land. It is this enemy that forces us to bear arms, and protect our mothers and fathers, our elderly, and the honor of our womenfolk.”

The terrorist leader said that his brainwashed child-soldiers had a special message for the Jews: “We do not want to kill anyone. We are not terrorists or murderers. We do not want to kill you. Get out of our land. Palestine has its owners. Do not force us to kill you. Indeed, if you continue with your aggression, with the plundering of our land, and with the defiling of our Jerusalem, we shall bear arms. We shall be the soldiers of the future, Allah willing.”

Watch the full MEMRI video below: