Islamic State Supporters Cheer Orlando Terror Attack: ‘God Bless the Martyr’

A woman cries at a vigil in Orlando, Florida, June 13, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State. ISIS took responsibility for the attack, and declared Mateen one of its “caliphate soldiers.” Now comes word that ISIS supporters are cheering the slaughter in Orlando and pronouncing Mateen a “martyr” to their cause.

“The State is the remedy for this filth,” said one ISIS fanboy on Twitter — by which he meant the Islamic State, as the Wall Street Journal points out.

Another declared, “God bless the martyr.” One Twitter user posted a large photo of Mateen and feted him as the man who “carried out the mass shooting against Homos in the U.S.”

“May Allah accept the hero who did it & inspire others to do the same,” said a tweet quoted by the UK Daily Mail.

“Oh America, you will not sleep and shut an eye as long as there are Mujahedeen. May God will bless you my brother and grant you with heaven,” wrote an ISIS supporter quoted by Vocativ.

“Allah Akbar, the target is a place for deviant people, who also known as homosexuals,” another declared.

“There is nothing I love more than the blood of infidels. This is the month of victories and blessings,” declared a breathless fan of the caliphate, posting pictures and video of the bloody attack.

The UK Mirror and report that ISIS supporters have created a Twitter hashtag, #OrlandoIsBurning, similar to the #ParisIsBurning and #BrusselsIsBurning tags they used for earlier massacres. Also, ISIS fans have appropriated hashtags such as #PrayForOrlando, #Pulse, and #Pulseclub (the name of the club Mateen attacked) to spread their filth.

“We will kill you everywhrere O disbeliever,” one jihad wannabe said on the #PrayForOrlando hashtag, misspelling the word “everywhere.”

This individual continued his rant by promising, “We are waiting for you in Dabiq. You will be killed to last one of you.” Dabiq is the battlefield where ISIS believes the final battle between infidels and Muslims will be fought, and also serves as the name of the terror state’s online magazine.

“Stop killing Muslims in Iraq and Syria if you want to live in peace,” declared a terrorist sympathizer on the #Pulse tag.

Many who applaud the attack online are quoting a speech given by ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani in May, where he called upon “soldiers and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America” to “open the doors of Jihad” and “spread the terror until a neighbor will be afraid of his neighbor.”

Adnani also referred to President Barack Obama as a “mule” in the speech and promised, “We are not afraid of armies and threats and campaigns. You will never be victorious. You will be defeated.”

International Business Times found ISIS-linked accounts describing the Orlando attack as “the best Ramadan gift,” referring to the Muslim holiday currently in progress.

Threats along the lines of, “Take your troops out if our countries and stop support your followers, or else you will see more and more blood” are common.

Vocativ quotes extensively from the praise heaped upon Mateen by the Islamic State’s radio station, al-Bayan: “The brother Omar Mateen, one of the Caliphate soldiers in America, has carried out an attack and was able to enter a gathering of Crusaders in a nightclub of the adherents of the people of Loot in Orlando, Florida.”

“God allowed him to smash the filthy Crusaders, killing and wounding more than a 100 of them,” the statement continued. “It should be mentioned that this is the biggest attack in America in terms of number of people killed, after the attack in Manhattan 16 years ago.”