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5 of Madonna’s Dumbest Political Statements

Pop icon Madonna waded back into the political jet stream last weekend when, during the Women’s March on Washington protest rally, she told thousands of demonstrators that she has often thought of “blowing up the White House” following Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.

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Pulse Massacre Jihadi’s Wife Arrested on Charges of Aiding Foreign Terror Group

The FBI arrested the wife of Omar Mateen, the jihadi responsible for a massacre at Orlando’s Pulse night club last year, on Monday morning in San Francisco on charges of obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting the attempted provision of material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

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Hypocritical Hillary Clinton Fails to Repudiate Seddique Mateen

When Hillary Clinton spoke to an Orlando crowd, she was also speaking to a cheering Seddique Mateen. Mateen, father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, was sitting directly behind the Democratic nominee and sported a grin from ear to ear.

A man identified as Seddique Mateen (C-red ball cap), whose son shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 others inside the Pulse nightclub in June, sits with supporters at a rally for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida on August 8, 2016. …

FBI: Orlando Jihadi Claimed Blood Ties to Boston, Fort Hood Terrorists

Islamic State mass murderer Omar Mateen, responsible for killing dozens at the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse in June, had repeatedly told coworkers he was related to an assortment of jihadis, from the Boston Marathon bombers to the Fort Hood killer Nidal Hassan, newly released documents show.


Sympathy for the Devils: The Plot Against Roger Ailes — and America

I think it’s virtually the whole of the Democratic establishment, including the Obamas, the Clintons, and their billionaire financiers, such as George Soros. These are the people who are plotting to take down Ailes. And if Ailes goes, I’m afraid, so could America.


Al-Qaeda to U.S. Muslims: Target ‘Anglo-Saxon Community,’ Avoid Minorities

The Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is disseminating a guide urging all Muslims in America, “regardless of their affiliation,” to carry out more “lone wolf” attacks that mirror the recent massacre in Orlando, FL, and to target “areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated.”

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Islamic State Supporters Call for More ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks Post-Orlando

A group called the “Islamic State Wolfs” — clearly supportive of ISIS but not definitively linked to them — has issued a call for more “lone wolf” attacks like the Orlando massacre, and they produced a handy infographic depicting various methods of committing terrorist murder.


THR: Hollywood Gripped By Red-Carpet Terror Fears

Entertainment industry trade The Hollywood Reporter conducted a year-long investigation into security at high-profile film premieres and over 55 red-carpet events throughout Los Angeles and found that is “strikingly easy” for unauthorized personnel to gain access to A-list talent.


Premeditation: Orlando Jihadi Bought $9,000 in Jewelry Week Before Attack

Omar Mateen, the Islamic State-affiliated jihadi responsible for the killing of 49 people at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub last week, spent almost $9,000 at a Kay Jewelers a week before the attack. This is the latest in a string of large, bizarre financial moves made by Mateen shortly before the massacre.

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Orlando: Jihadi Had Enough Time During Shooting to Wash His Hands

Omar Mateen, the jihadist responsible for upwards of 100 casualties at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, had enough time to wash his hands in the bathroom, and dry them under an electric blow dryer, according to one witness.


Omar Mateen Raged Against ‘Filthy Ways of the West’

While his victims texted heartbreaking last words to loved ones from the blood-drenched floors of packed bathrooms, Omar Mateen apparently turned to social media to measure the viral shockwaves his attack on a gay nightclub had generated.

A woman casts a shadow while visiting a makeshift memorial downtown to the victims of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting Thursday, June 16, 2016, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/David Goldman)