Ansbach Suicide Bomber Pledges Allegiance to Islamic State in Video

Ansbach Suicide Bomber Pledges Allegiance to Islamic State in Video

Mohammad Daleel, the 27-year-old Syrian “refugee” who injured over a dozen Germans in a suicide-bomb attack on a bar in Ansbach Sunday night, allegedly recorded a “martyrdom video” with his cell phone before the attack, in which he pledged allegiance to ISIS and promised more attacks in Europe.

Wearing a black mask and speaking Arabic, Daleel vowed, “You will not live peacefully,” as translated by the New York Post.

“This operation is carried out with an explosive device, but next time it will be with (car) bombs,” he promised.

“To the German people, your country is killing you by its actions. Islamic State did not start this war with you,” said Daleel in the video. “And to the German youth: your planes that are shelling us don’t distinguish between men, women and even children.”

The terrorist identified himself as the “Islamic State soldier who carried out the attack in Ansbach” in the title of the video.

Australia’s reports that ISIS itself released the Daleel video, in which the bomber specifically pledges allegiance to the Islamic State “caliph,” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and one of his top lieutenants, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani — the oath of allegiance known as bay’ah under Islamic law. ISIS provides its overseas “lone wolf” operatives with specific instructions for performing bay’ah before they carry out their attacks.

Actually, notes there is evidence that Daleel didn’t intend his attack to be a suicide bombing, as he may have accidentally blown himself up with a weapon he intended to detonate remotely.

International Business Times reports the video was found on Daleel’s phone by German police on Monday. In addition to publishing the video through its Amaq “news service,” the Islamic State has also been lionizing Daleel as a “martyr for its cause” with photos and messages on social media.



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