Dr. Sebastian Gorka: ‘Summer of Terror’ Offers Grim Evidence ‘ISIS is Winning the War’

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Fox News/Screencap

Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of the best-selling book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, appeared on Fox News Wednesday to discuss the “Summer of Terror,” which has seen hundreds killed in 14 major terror attacks across the globe since July.

“ISIS is winning the war,” Dr. Gorka declared. “They’ve changed their strategy from their parent organization. Remember, ISIS came out of al Qaeda, and it’s not about big spectaculars, like bin Laden was interested in, like 9/11.”

“It’s really classic guerilla warfare: inspire your people around the world, whether it’s in Orlando, whether it’s in Nice, France, whether it’s in Istanbul, and then just use really low-cost methods of attack,” Gorka said. “Buy a rifle, go into a nightclub. Get into a truck and just mow people down. This is classic irregular warfare. It’s cheap, and it works.”

Moving forward, Gorka said it was important to remember that “the main part of the War Against Terror is human intelligence.”

“It’s putting our assets in place, undercover assets, undercover agents. It’s actually profiling, because profiling works,” he said. “If I’m looking for a six-foot-three black bank robber, I don’t hassle 83-year-old white grandmothers. It’s just common sense. It’s the kind of tool that Mayor de Blasio is trying to shut down in New York, the kinds of things the NYPD really developed over the last 15 years, that work.”

“If we look at where these people are being recruited, where they’re being indoctrinated – in radical mosques, by radical imams – then why should we not look there, or why should we say, well, we should be looking in churches or Jewish temples? It’s illogical,” Gorka contended.

“The fact is, you go where the bad guys are. Mayor Giuliani has said it again, and again, and again – if I’m working against the Mafia, I go to the Italian restaurants where the mob hangs out, I don’t go to the Indian restaurants, right?” he pointed out.


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