Exclusive: Breitbart/Gravis Poll: 43% of Voters Cites Islamic Foes as ‘Greatest Threat to Security’

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A plurality of registered voters say the Islamic State is the greatest threat America is facing today. Along with those who consider the Islamic Republic of Iran to be America’s greatest threat, a total of 42 percent of Americans consider Islamist rivals the greatest challenge to peace and security on U.S. soil.

A Breitbart/Gravis joint national poll conducted on September 21, 2016 polling 1,560 registered voters nationwide found the largest number of voters concerned about the threat the Islamic State poses to the homeland. Asked, “Which of the following is the greatest threat to the security of the United States?” 37 percent said the Islamic State was their greatest concern, followed by Russia and North Korea (tied at 13 percent), China (9 percent), Iran (6 percent), and “Someone else” (5 percent).

16 percent said they were unsure of which threat was greatest.

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Along partisan lines, the numbers differed little between Independents and Republicans. Democrats, however, were significantly less concerned about the Islamic State – only 20 percent ranked the terrorist organization the greatest threat to American security. Similarly, only 29.4 percent of those who know they are voting for Hillary Clinton ranked ISIS their top threat, compared to 57.7 percent of likely Trump voters.

Just as a plurality of respondents replied they see the Islamic State as the greatest threat to U.S. security, so too did most say that America’s position in the world has weakened significantly in recent memory. Asked, “How would you describe America’s position in the world today compared with America’s position 10 years ago?”, 54 percent said America is weaker now than it was in 2006.


28 percent of respondents said America was stronger, while 17 percent said America’s position has remained mostly the same.

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The numbers for likely Clinton voters were once again significantly deviant from the general pool of respondents. A whopping 55 percent of Clinton voters think America is stronger today than it was a decade ago, while only 19 percent say America is weaker. Compare this to likely Trump voters, 91.8 percent of whom say America is weaker today than a decade ago.

Possibly indicative of high turnout for November’s election, 70.5 percent of people who say they typically “never vote” say that America is weaker now than it was a decade ago.


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