Venezuela’s Maduro in English: ‘Mister Emperator Trump, Go Home!’

President Nicolas Maduro Moros, of Venezuela, addresses the 2015 Sustainable Development Summit, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro has again attempted to send President Donald Trump an English-language message during a rally, insisting that his nation will hold an illegal vote to draft a socialist-friendly constitution and insisting that “Mister Emperator Trump … go home.”

Maduro’s tirade also featured insults towards Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos – whom he called “the vassal John Manny” – for joining the chorus of international voices condemning Maduro’s power grab. The July 30 vote seeks to appoint a new, parallel legislature made up entirely of socialists to replace the opposition-led National Assembly and draft a new constitution that would keep Maduro in power for the long term. Critics fear the new constitution would codify Maduro’s de facto dictatorship.

An opposition-organized vote this month found that 98 percent of the more than seven million Venezuelans voting opposed the creation of the “National Constituents’ Assembly.”

“We have a surprise for the foreign governments,” Maduro said Thursday. “We have a surprise for the emperor Donald Trump, and that surprise is called the July 30 election, when the people will teach imperialism and the foreign vassal governments a lesson.”

“I am here because of you. This is not a bigwig, this isn’t a son of Trump – here before you stands a son of Bolívar, a son of Hugo Chávez, a man of the people,” Maduro said of himself.

He asked:

The emperor Donald Trump, His Majesty the Emperor Donald Trump has ordered us to suspend the constituent [election] and his subject, the vassal Juan Manuel Santos, on his knees, has ordered Venezuela to suspend the constituent [election]. And in Mexico, the most surrendering and murderous government Mexico has had, run by [President Enrique] Peña Nieto, reverent to emperor Donald Trump, has ordered Venezuela to suspend the constituent. What do we do? Who do we obey? Who governs Venezuela?

Maduro then attempted to speak English. “Mister emperator [sic] of United States, mister vasallo John Manny Santos, in Venezuela the constituent goo goo goo! [sic]” he asserted. “Mister Trump, go home!”

Maduro has previously tried to send numerous English-language messages to the United States at government-mandated rallies. In March, when Maduro still appeared to be attempting to befriend the American president, the Venezuelan dictator tried to warn Trump that entrenched Washington influences would convince him that Maduro was the enemy. With some aid from Delcy Rodríguez, who was the foreign minister at the time, Maduro said, “Open your liz, open your hair. Don’t let them got to you.”

Two months later, Maduro was angrily demanding Trump keep his “dirty hands out of Venezuela.”

Maduro’s attempts to convince the Trump administration to stop sanctioning his government for its rampant human rights abuses have failed. On Thursday, a new series of sanctions surfaced, targeting a variety of high-ranking officials, including Tibisay Lucena, the head of the nation’s electoral commission and official in charge of Sunday’s election.

The tirade this week followed a speech condemning opposition leader Freddy Guevara – first vice president of the General Assembly – as “Hitler’s duckling.”

On Wednesday, Maduro claimed that the opposition’s 48-hour general strike against the government, which proved widely popular throughout Caracs, was a “defeat for Hitler’s duckling,” referring to Guevara, according to the government’s official media outlet.

“Hitler’s duckling. He is stupid, an imbecil, a bad imitation of German fascism, Hitlerian fascism,” he ranted. “The people are used to working, not like what this imbecil does, failed Hitler duckling.”


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