Pakistan: Doctors Kill, Torture Christian for Demanding Care for Pregnant Sister

Pakistani Christians hold banners and lighted candles during a protest in Karachi on December 17, 2017, after a suicide bomber attack on a church in Quetta. At least eight people were killed and 15 wounded when two suicide bombers attacked a church in Pakistan during a service on December 17, …

Doctors and security personnel at a hospital in Pakistan reportedly killed and tortured a Christian man with medical scissors and scalpels and seriously injured two other Christians who survived the ordeal, triggered when they demanded care for their pregnant family member.

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), which tracks cases of Christian persecution, identified the wounded victims as Anil Saleem, a brother of the pregnant woman, and the woman’s husband Kashif Shafeeq.

Sunil Saleem, the 28-year-old brother of pregnant Kiran Saleem, succumbed to his injuries.

Kiran reportedly went to the hospital in Lahore for a scheduled appointment.

Kiran’s sister Mehwish told BPCA:

I am deeply disturbed by what has happened to our family, we were expecting the birth of a new child into our growing family, but have now lost our eldest brother. We are all deeply grieved, and Kiran [Saleem] should have delivered her baby, but now her pregnancy is mysteriously delayed.

Medical instruments were used to kill [Kiran’s younger brother] Sunil I saw the wounds myself and now I will be emotionally scarred for life. At this moment in time, I just want to cry forever.

Members of the Christian minority in predominantly Muslim Pakistan are often victims of atrocities at the hands of some Islam adherents.

Referring to the pregnant woman’s dead brother, BPCA notes:

Reports suggest that he succumbed to injuries that include blunt force trauma and severe cuts from a sharp object. It is believed that the doctors used medical scissors and scalpels to severely wound the three Christians. At one point a sheet of glass was also thrown at the Christian victims and all were severely injured.

BPCA notes that Mehwish yelled at the doctor who refused to treat her sister, triggering an argument.

The altercation culminated in doctors and security personnel at the hospital beating and killing Sunil and seriously wounding Anil and Kashif.

BPCA declares:

Instead of trying to calm the situation other Muslim doctors and a two man security team joined the argument and locked Sunil his brother Anil and Kashif Shafeeq the husband of Kiran in the room they were in and closed the shutters.

The atmosphere turned chilling as the three Christians were informed that they would be beaten for their insolence and roundly set upon the three men for 30 minutes telling them that there was no escape … The violence has been described as ‘harrowing’ by survivor Anil Saleem.

Wilson Chowdhry, the BPCA chairman, described the incident as yet another example of the Islamabad-sanctioned “ongoing genocide” targeting:

The failure to adhere to international medical ethics should be deeply concerning to the Government of Pakistan as it highlights the failure by the nation to meet international laws for human rights that the nation has ratified.

A family has been broken and the Christian community demoralized by another failure by a national institution. The systemic prejudice within the states statutory authorities and services are examples of an ongoing genocide which will one day eradicate Christianity from Pakistan if left unchecked.

Sunil is reportedly survived by a wife and four children.


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