Iran Rejects Talks with ‘Untrustworthy’ United States

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi speaks during a press conference on Aug

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi rejected what he called “media speculation” that Iran may hold talks with the United States on Monday and said that the Islamic Republic will emerge victorious in the face of America’s hostile policies.

“With current America and these policies, there will definitely not be the possibility of dialogue and engagement, and the United States has shown that it is totally unreliable,” Qassemi said at a weekly press conference in Iran, according to Press TV.

“The U.S. has proved to be untrustworthy and a non-reliable partner for any job,” Qassemi said, according to the nation’s state-run Tasnim News agency.

Qassemi reportedly also acknowledged that a war breaking out between the United States and Iran was unlikely but predicted that America’s “hostile policies” against the Iranian government would go on. Tasnim News agency added that Qassemi said Iran will thwart President Donald Trump’s plots and emerge victorious in such a battle.

Following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech, titled, “Supporting Iranian Voices” — where he addressed some of the most prominent members of Iran’s expatriate community at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Ranch — President Trump tweeted a warning to the Iranian regime in response to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s, saying, “War with Iran is the mother of all wars.”

Two days later, during a speech at the VFW National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, Trump said, “Iran is not the same country anymore, that I can say. We’ll see what happens, but we’re ready to make a real deal, not the deal that was done by the previous administration — which was a disaster.”

On Monday, following his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Trump told reporters that he is willing to meet with Iranian leaders on a new nuclear deal.

“I would meet with Iran if they wanted to meet; I don’t know if they’re ready,” Trump said, according to USA Today. Trump reportedly added that this meeting with Iran would be set with “no preconditions,” unlike with the previous Obama administration, and he added, “if they want to meet, I’m ready to meet anytime they want.”

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