Accused White House fence jumper released with GPS monitoring

March 14 (UPI) — A federal district judge released Jonathan Tran, accused White House trespasser, ordering him to stay near his California home and return to Washington for an April court date.

Tran, 26, appeared in court Monday. He allegedly breached the White House perimeter Friday, scaling a fence and hiding behind a White House pillar before running toward the building’s South Portico. In a charging affidavit, the U.S. Secret Service said Tran carried a backpack containing two cans of Mace, a laptop computer, a passport, a book written by President Donald Trump and letter to Trump with alleged information on Russian hackers. The affidavit said that when he was arrested, Tran said he had an appointment to see the president.

In court Monday, Tran was ordered to stay near his San Jose, Calif., home when not traveling to Washington for court appearances and consultations with attorneys. He was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, wear a tracking device, and stay away from weapons and the White House. He will be under pre-trial supervision in San Jose until Thursday when he will be fitted with the tracking device.

In response to questions in court, Tran said he was unaware of any mental health issues and did not take any medication on the day of the White House incident. He told the judge he does not have children, does not own a home or car, and is a U.S. citizen. Tran did not enter a plea at the hearing.

Tran will next appear in court on April 13 in Washington. He could face 10 years in prison if convicted of entering a restricted pace while carrying a dangerous weapon.


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