Dirk Nowitzki mimics Victor Oladipo’s joke with self-deprication

Dirk Nowitzki mimics Victor Oladipo's joke with self-deprication

May 1 (UPI) — Dallas Mavericks veteran Dirk Nowitzki mocked himself on Twitter Tuesday, taking a screenshot of his conversation with his trainer.

He referenced Victor Oladipo in the post. The Indiana Pacers star texted his trainer this week, after being eliminated from the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“When do we start? I’m ready to take it to another level,” Oladipo wrote in the text.

Nowitzki also wrote “when do we start?”

His trainer responded with some piercing jokes:

“I told you four years ago that you were done four years ago,” his trainer wrote.

“Your game has been in decline since Havlicek stole the ball from you.”

“Your full court sprints are timed with a calendar.”

“That being said if you wire me 561 Bitcoin [$5 million US] we can start tomorrow!!!”

Nowitzki responded simply, writing “aggressive …”

“The Tall Baller from the G” averaged 12 points, 5.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game in 77 starts last season for the Mavericks.

Nowitzki, 39, is entering his 21st season with the Western Conference franchise. The 13-time All-Star announced that he plans to return for the 2018 season in April. He has a team option for $5 million in 2018.