Four sentenced to death by hanging for mob-killing in Afghanistan

Four sentenced to death by hanging for mob-killing in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan, May 6 (UPI) — Four men were sentenced to death by hanging on Wednesday for the mob murder of a woman falsely accused of burning a Koran in Afghanistan.

Farkhunda was beaten to death with sticks and rocks in March. Her body driven over by a car, was then light ablaze and later thrown into the Kabul River. Her death triggered nationwide outrage, protests and unified Afghanistan against the seemingly common violent abuse of women.

“According to the law panel, you are to be hanged until death,” Judge Safiullah Mojadidi said after delivering the verdicts and sentences. “This is not the final decision of the court and you can appeal this verdict.”

After Farkhunda’s death, 49 defendants were brought to trial quickly due to public outrage demanding justice. Eight defendants were sentenced to 16 years in prison for their role and 18 were found not guilty.

There are 19 policemen remaining as defendants, who did nothing but watch as the mob killed Farkhunda. The verdicts for the policemen are expected Sunday.

Farkhunda was arguing with a religious teacher, or mullah, about him selling charms to women. He accused Farkhunda of burning the Koran and a nearby crowd overheard, initiating the attack on her.

An official investigator said there was no evidence she burned a Koran.

Najibullah Malikzadah, one of Farkhunda’s brothers, was unhappy with the verdict, stating it was not enough.

Hundreds of people “were involved in my sister’s brutal killing and only four of them are sentenced to death,” Malikzadah said. “This is not justice at all.”


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