Man calmly confronts suspected car burglar caught in the act on camera

MELBOURNE, April 15 (UPI) — An Australian man who returned to his car to find it being rifled through by a stranger pulled out his phone and filmed his calm confrontation.

Josh Denney of Melbourne posted a video to Facebook showing his 10:30 a.m. Thursday confrontation with a man he discovered going through his belongings while his car was parked in a structure.

The video shows Denney calmly ask the man what he’s doing in his car, and the man claims to have confused the vehicle for a car belonging to his friend “Brett.”

“I don’t know what you’re doing; there’s cameras everywhere,” Denney says in the video.

The man continues to claim he thought the vehicle was his friend’s car, but he returns the iPod he took from the vehicle to Denney.

The man also removes a box of crayons from his pocket, but Denney denies ownership of those.

“If I find out there’s stuff missing out of my car I’ll be coming to look for you,” Denney says.

The suspected car burglar leaves and a woman who witnessed the confrontation compliments Denney on his calm response.

Denney thanks the woman and gives her his pre-paid parking pass.

The car owner told 3AW radio he regrets leaving his car unlocked.

“I left my car unlocked so it serves me right,” he said.

Denney said “it all ended quite nicely. I got my stuff back, he got to keep his crayons and an old lady watching got a free car park ticket.”


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