Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 36: Big Joey’s Segregated Christmas; Guest Jaco Booyens Takes on Sex Trafficking

President Big Joey addressed the nation yesterday (in the afternoon, not in prime time). He finally gave President Trump some credit for the vaccines but did not suggest that China will ever be held accountable for unleashing the ‘Rona plague on the world. He, as well as Dr. Fauci, suggested that we have a segregated Christmas where the unvaxxed are separated from the vaxxed. If the vaccines work, why do we need to do this? We don’t. And why is it a good idea to have all the unvaccinated hang out together? No one knows, and Dr. Fauci and President Joey certainly aren’t going to explain it to anyone. Meanwhile, Bidenflation goes on with no end in sight. Our guest today is Jaco Booyens, who is one of the most important global activists against sex trafficking. He explains how the problem is worse than you think, and it might even be in your community right now.

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