Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 96: Alex Is Back! Lia Thomas Hoax Grows, Supreme Court Confirmation Preview, Dr. Doom Returns, Guest: ‘Laptop from Hell’ Reporter Emma-Jo Morris

Host Alex Marlow is back behind the microphone after a relaxing vacation and a not-so-relaxing week helping an ailing family member. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is likely to make history as the first Supreme Court justice who will be on the Court as a direct result of race and gender-based preferences. That should be cheating! But this is America in 2022, so some people like this. We’re still not at war with Russia over Ukraine, and Ukraine is still standing. All of this is good news, but we must maintain constant vigilance despite endless fake news coming from both sides. We give you all the details. Dr. Anthony Fauci is back on TV, which means your freedoms are in jeopardy. And Alex offers a plausible theory on how the Lia Thomas (UPenn trans swimmer) hoax might be even deeper than we previously thought. Our guest today is Breitbart’s Politics Editor Emma-Jo Morris who discusses the New York Times finally acknowledging her “Laptop from Hell” scoops. Alex asks her if she fielded any interesting apologies over the weekend (spoiler alert: she didn’t), and they discuss the open questions that should now be fair game when it comes to the Big Guy Joey Biden and his dirty dog son, Hunter. Finally, a debate broke out on the show, which became our caller of the day.

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