Schweizer: ‘Dirty Business’ Behind the Battle over TikTok

Peter Schweizer, Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Lobbying for TikTok Like “Lobbying for Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin!”

In the latest Drill Down podcast, acclaimed investigative journalist Peter Schweizer and co-host Eggers dig into the Washington D.C. special interests standing behind TikTok in the battle to ban the Chinese social giant in the U.S. “We want to talk about the dirty business in Washington D.C. over the battle… to ban TikTok,” Schweizer says.

Former and current members of Congress are guilty of being soft on China—especially when it comes to TikTok.

“TikTok has received briefings from people who have worked for Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi… they’ve hired firms connected to the Biden transition team,” Eggers warns.

“If you look at the array of former political people…who are paid lobbyists for TikTok, it is an amazing constellation of people who have already been successful…and who now [work] for [TikTok parent company] ByteDance,” Schweizer says.

Schweizer stresses that helping China is like helping some of our most infamous enemies.

“In my mind, there isn’t a difference between people lobbying for these CCP-connected companies and people who would lobby for Saddam Hussein or lobby for Joseph Stalin,” Schweizer adds.

Eggers also asks Schweizer about the Bidens and any quid quo pro as it relates to China. “It’s less transactional and more about the policy and posture on how decisions are made,” Eggers suspects.

Schweizer agrees. Biden’s relationship with China is more like a “retainer” or a “subscription.” The Biden Administration, essentially, is soft on China.

Eggers and Schweizer also unveil the latest Government Accountability Institute report —and it’s absolutely damning for New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

To listen to the Drill Down Podcast – click here.


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