Did SEIU Throw ACORN Under the Bus?

On Wednesday, the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency (example #12,567 that government’s solution to any problem is more government.) Appearing on a panel of self-appointed ‘consumer advocates’ was Anna Burger, political director for SEIU, a.k.a ACORN’s big brother.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) used his question time to ask Ms. Burger about ACORN. She drops a stunner, “SEIU has cut all ties to ACORN.” Watch the video below:

[youtube 8rZYGrgr_e8 nolink]

Of course, don’t believe SEIU has actually ‘cut ties’ with ACORN. Their operations are simply too interwoven for that to be true. Still, you know ACORN’s in trouble when SEIU has to publically dissociate itself from them. Kind of like your big brother or sister saying, “Yeah, I grew up with him and he was a pretty good kid at times. But, I don’t talk to him now.”

Anyway you parse it…Ouch!


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