Tell Us How Great Regulations Are

Not surprisingly, the EPA thinks regulations are good. What is surprising is that they think everyone else thinks they are just as great as they do. So much so that they are holding a contest. No. Seriously, they are. They want you to make a video telling everyone how great regulations are and to get more people involved in the process.

Getting people involved in the process sounds like a good thing on the surface, but the EPA (and all other Administrative Agencies) are not beholden to public opinion. They offer the public a chance to weigh in on the process by letting you weigh in with comments, but they are unelected officials and, thus, have no reason to listen to anyone and make regulations that could kill the economy. Aren’t they great?

Well, thankfully, not everyone thinks regulations are the “bees knees”. The Heritage Foundation submitted a video to the contest explaining how awful some regulations can be to economy.

[youtube bYgffkuYZVk nolink]

They also encourage you to submit a video of your own just like Americans for Prosperity has . Let’s see if we can flood the contest with videos that explain the harmful effects of regulations. Maybe they’ll get the message.


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